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Who controls the WWW? Nobody & everybody. But not a single company.

John Warnock and Chuck Geschke as the founders of Adobe have posted a very wise letter. http://www.adobe.com/choice/openmarkets.html Advertisements

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Just some bizarre comic dialogue AAPL/ADBE/MSFT

Hopefully all the kids will get their act together soon  … http://www.metawedgie.com/journal/2010/4/30/adobe-you-cant-fire-me-i-quit.html

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Open letter to Mr. Jobs

Dear Mr. Jobs!

Not by any means, but mainly by your marketing and strategic means, Mr. Jobs, Flash is a closed system.

Anyone can compile to Flash without using a single Adobe product. Period. There is nobody at Adobe watching over of what you produce and accepting or rejecting Flash applications because of strategic objections, unlike other companies. Continue reading

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